Who we are:

Ping4Alzheimer is an internationally renowned program introduced from the Levallois Sporting Club (in France) to the GTA to assist seniors with the Alzheimer’s and Dementia recovery process using a combination of table tennis, stretching, and balance exercises.

Why Table Tennis?

  • Table tennis is intellectually stimulating
  • It activates visual-spatial capabilities in patients
  • Playing the sport results in physical and social improvements

Our mission: To provide seniors and patients with an opportunity to enjoy table tennis to the maximum degree with their caregivers whilst mitigating the effects of Alzheimer’s and related dementias.

Table Tennis and Brain Function

In a Japanese medical study conducted in 1998, table tennis was shown to activate higher brain function.
  • Table tennis increased cerebral blood flow; cerebral blood flow in the cerebellum, pons, and midbrain was “increased remarkably” (Teruaki, 1998)
  • Table tennis can prevent or delay senile dementia; using the Kana-pick-out test (designed to measure higher brain function), scientists Kawano and Mimura showed that table tennis players obtained higher scores on the test

Yee Hong Senior Center - MedEx: Table Tennis for All

Since the summer of 2022, Kevin and TT4EVER have helped to run Ping4Alzheimer sessions at Yee Hong Senior Center by playing with the seniors and leading the stretching exercises. Kevin and TT4EVER hope to spread Ping4Alzheimer to other senior centers within the GTA.

Ping4Alzheimer Virtual Presentation

On October 8th, 2022, Kevin gave a virtual presentation on Alzheimer’s disease and how table tennis can be utilized as a therapeutic resource to combat the effects of the disease as well as to mitigate its progression.

The presentation included an explanation of table tennis-induced benefits in the brain and how the Ping4Alzheimer program operates.

Amica Senior Home (Peel Village)

Since January of 2023, TT4EVER has been organizing weekly Ping4Alzheimer sessions at the Amica Senior Home (Peel Village). Over time, the seniors have made significant progress; most of them began by rallying without a net, but later on, they were able to consistently hit the ball back and forth. TT4EVER hopes that with this initiative, we can improve seniors’ health and bring happiness to their lives. 

2023 Summer Teens Workshop

On August 31st, 2023 TT4EVER and the Yee Hong Senior Center held a joint Summer Teens Workshop for the MedEx/Ping4Alzheimer program. 

In addition to our previous volunteers, we welcomed new youth volunteers to the TT4EVER team — it’s great to see more people involved in our cause!

Destigmatizing Dementia Event - Sep. 11th

On September 11th, TT4EVER Founder Kevin Guo gave a presentation at the #DestigmatizingDementia Lunch and Learn Event co-hosted by MPP Caroline Mulroney and MPP Natalia Kusendova-Bashta (@natalia.kusendova ).

MPP Kusendova (along with MPP Laura Smith) are currently calling for improved access to dementia care in Ontario with their Private Members Bill “Improving Dementia Care in Ontario Act, 2023”.

In his presentation, Kevin advocated for table tennis therapy, explaining the physiological benefits of table tennis on the brain as well as the origins of the Ping4Alzheimer and how TT4EVER has helped to bring the program into senior homes.

Camille's Place Roundtable - Sep. 12th

Grateful to MPP Natalia Kusendova and PA Gallagher Murphy for inviting TT4EVER to introduce Ping4Alzheimer at Camille’s Place on their September 12th roundtable.

PA Gallagher Murphy’s Private Members’ Bill, Seniors Month Act, if passed, would declare every June as Seniors Month!

Let’s continue doing everything we can to help our seniors!

Ontario Brain Institute Presentation - Sep. 27th

It was a pleasure to promote the Ping4Alzheimer program, share TT4EVER’s mission, and play with the Ontario Brain Institute’s members—the sight of everyone having fun together was a heartwarming testament to the uniting power of table tennis.

Best of luck for the Cardiac Smash Tournament!

Destigmatizing Dementia Event - Oct. 4th

Grateful to @natalia.kusendova and @laurasmithmpp for inviting the TT4EVER team to their fourth #destigmatizingdementia event at the Ontario Legislative Building. As well, a huge congratulations goes to both MPP Kusendova-Bashta and MPP Smith as their PMB (Improving Dementia Care in Ontario Act 2023) has completed its second reading. 

Let’s continue destigmatizing dementia and contributing to the conversations that will serve as the foundation for a world without neurodegenerative diseases. 

Camille's Place

We are so thrilled to announce that we are starting a NEW Ping4Alzheimer chapter at Camille’s Place, located in Mississauga!

After the September roundtable hosted by MPP Kusendova-Bashta and PA Gallagher Murphy (during which TT4EVER pitched Ping4Alzheimer), Camille’s Place expressed their interest.

With the connective power of table tennis, let’s continue bridging the generational gap between youth and seniors, one step at a time!