We host events and tournaments for people of all ages to enjoy the sport of table tennis and support the Ping4Alzheimer program!

2021 Family Day Fun Game

On February 15th, 2021, TT4EVER held an online table tennis event for families across Ontario — participants engaged in a variety of fun activities, some of which included:

Promoting Ping4Alzheimer @ 2022 CICSA Chinese Festival

On September 17th, 2022, TT4EVER participated in CICSA’s Chinese Festival held in Celebration Square.

Our booth promoted the Ping4Alzheimer program for an audience of over 500 people in hopes of creating a chapter in the Mississauga region.

With the generous support of Mayor Bonnie Crombie and Mississauga Central MPP Natalia Kusendova (along with the many families who were interested in our initiative), we managed to raise $1200! 

A huge thank you goes out to everyone who donated and stopped by!

2022 New Year's Eve Family Event

On December 31st, 2022, TT4EVER organized a New Year’s Eve event for families with children under 13 years old. 

We wanted to use table tennis as a means to strengthen the bonds within families. We had many fun games, and it was a fun experience for all 40 participants!

2023 TT4EVER Fundraiser Tournament - Toronto

On June 17th, TT4EVER hosted a fundraiser tournament at the My Table Tennis Club Mississauga. We had an incredible turnout, with over 80 players participating in the tournament! We had senior players (55+), youth, para players, and even players from Buffalo, USA!

We wanted to improve the visibility of the Ping4Alzheimer program, lead youth in giving back to the seniors of the greater community, and strengthen the bonds amongst members of the table tennis community.

TT4EVER donated all of the entry fees and donations (from both players and sponsors), totalling $5000, to the Alzheimer’s Society of Canada!

We want to say a huge thank you to all of the players and our sponsors: Repower Financial Group, Al Premium Supermarket, and Nova Marketing Group.

Stay tuned for updates regarding our next 2 tournaments!

2023 TT4EVER Fundraiser Tournament - Newfoundland

On August 12th, 2023, TT4EVER and the NLTTA co-hosted a second fundraiser tournament at the Rotary Paradise Youth and Community Center. Similar to the Mississauga tournament, this tournament was hosted to improve Alzheimer’s awareness and to improve the visibility of the Ping4Alzheimer program. 

We had 50 players of different skill levels — beginner, intermediate, and some of the best of the players in the province — all of whom were united by a love and passion for table tennis. 

We raised over $1500 in total, which speaks volumes to the kindness and generosity of the Newfoundland table tennis community. TT4EVER plans to combine the money raised from all 3 of our fundraiser tournaments (Ontario, Newfoundland, BC) to donate to the Alzheimer’s Society of Canada.

A huge shout-out goes to Jeremy Lehr, head coach of Team Newfoundland, for helping to make this tournament possible!

As well, the day before the tournament, Kevin played with local Newfoundland players — he gave numerous pieces of advice to Evan (the player in the first two pictures).

It was heartwarming to see how eagerly the players listened to the tips, but at the same time, it demonstrated that TT4EVER needs to continue working towards its goal: to make table tennis accessible to anyone and everyone in Canada!

 We look forward to returning to Newfoundland!

Here’s an article written by CBC about our tournament in Newfoundland:

2023 TT4EVER Fundraiser Tournament - Vancouver, BC

On September 9th, TT4EVER and North Shore Table Tennis Society co-hosted the final tournament of the Coast-to-Coast Fundraiser series! 

Prior to the tournament, we had a session for seniors with Parkinson’s where our youth volunteers helped to play with and coach the seniors.

We are happy to see more youth athletes joining our cause — bridging the generational gap by helping the seniors of our communities with table tennis therapy! 

Our tournament had a turnout of roughly 50 players; we had players from Ukraine and Japan in addition to some players over 85 years old!

We were able to raise nearly $2000, and this money will be used to support individuals with Parkinson’s.
Once again, a huge thank you goes to our youth volunteers as well as the North Shore Table Tennis Society (@northshoretabletennisclub ) for helping to make sure our tournament ran smoothly!

TT4EVER Donation Ceremony - Oct. 4th

TT4EVER donated the $6500 raised from our Ontario and Newfoundland fundraiser tournaments to the Alzheimer’s Society of Ontario. I’d like to thank: the TT4EVER team and our sponsors for providing their unwavering support for the Ontario tournament, @gymteacherbuddy for doing such a great job to promote and organize the Newfoundland tournament, and all the participants for their generous donations. Without these amazing people, this event wouldn’t have been possible.